I’ve decided that I want to commit to blogging more frequently. I’ve found that by writing on topics I care about, as well as sharing what’s been on my mind, I can more clearly articulate my feelings and thoughts and potentially log them for myself (and maybe others) in the future.

I recently found an old Tumblr blog of mine and found it interesting to look back on things I’d written in the past and see how my thoughts have changed over time. Looking back, I can actually piece together how I’ve changed and how my opinions have changed through certain events that happened in my life. Sometimes it can be hard to see these changes without a blog recording it all.

The importance of my writing

Another reason I want to pick up blogging again is that I think it’s important. In this world of mis-information, I think it’s important to have diverse voices sharing their ideas and opinions. With the current political climate and upcoming elections, this is becoming even more important.

My way of driving this impact is through writing. It’s hard for me to knock on doors and pick up the phone, but what I can do, is share my thoughts and situation with people and hopefully show people my version of the truth.

What I’ve learned in this world of fake news is that everybody has their own version of the truth. There are things that are objectively fiction. But there are also things that toe the line. I may look at a stat and deduce one thing. Somebody with a different life background may look at the same stat and come up with something completely different.

I hope this blog will garner some readership and thus allow me to get my message farther. Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal was released, I have been much more inclined to build my own audience and write on my own site, rather than post to a social network where my data be misused.

In the meantime, while this blog builds up momentum, I plan on crossposting to some other sites (of course not Facebook though. I don’t know if I’ll ever trust those guys).

For reflections and analysis, I will likely be posting to Medium (though I am considering revisiting Tumblr as well). If any of you have suggestions, I’m all ears as well.

I also think fanfiction and satire have a big place too and plan to dabble in a bit of this. Some may be political, others may just be within fandoms I care about to make statements about things I believe in. Fanfiction writing and sharing my views through the lens of familiar characters, like Naruto Fanfiction, might be an easier way to express and for others to digest. For this, I’m anticipating using either Wattpad or Commaful. Still thinking about it.

Poetry is another angle I may consider. This will be my lowest priority as I believe many still find poetry to be too intimidating to consume, though if I do, I’ll likely post on one of these sites.

Planning For My Career

Recently, I snagged a role at Best Buy. While it wasn’t the dream career I had in mind, they have quite a bit of benefits that surprised me. My focus right now isn’t making money or getting my dream job. It’s about driving an impact and having enough cash to sustain that impact. Applying to other roles tend to be too time-consuming and Best Buy was an easy option. It’s close to home and doesn’t use my mental power too much, allowing me to really focus on creating content as we move into the next year.

My eyes are drooping and usually, that’s a sign for me to sign off and get ready for bed. I’ve never been this excited in my life. There’s so much for me to fight for. So much for me to get excited about. I’ve never felt so much motivation to get out of bed in the morning. This is my time. This is our time.

It’s time for change.